Graphics card upgrade possible?

Acer Aspire 5742G

Screen size - 15.6 in - 1366 x 768
Processor - Intel Core i3 - 2.4 GHz
RAM - 4 GB
Hard Drive - 500 GB
Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Optical Drive - DVD Super Multi
Graphics - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 540v with 512 MB dedicated video memory
Webcam - Integrated

I'm not that techy at all but is it possible at all to upgrade?
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  1. Is it possible to upgrade to ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 560v/HD 550v Series Graphics?

    Like I said i'm not that geeky, but I can install one =]
  2. No?
    As in my laptop is impossible to upgrade or that one is not compatible?
  3. Impossible to upgrade. GPU soldered on and even if it is mxm car I suggest you not touch the inside of a laptop since you say you are new to any computer hardware build/upgrade. If you want to play with computer hardware, start from old desktop first.
  4. Its for your own good of not destroying your laptop.
  5. Ah guess so,
    It's because recently my FPS has dropped dramatically and I could play World Of Warcraft on "Fair" settings at a push and now I am struggling to get "Low" on it, I really don't know what is up, I get 40FPS all the time on low when I used to get 50FPS on good!

    - Low
    - Fair
    - Good
    - High
    - Ultra
  6. Sorry I meant "Good" at a push
  7. Is there any other way other than installing another graphics card to improve my FPS?
  8. Check if you have energy saving turned on in CCC for AC plugin. Also, check your window power profile, are your cores restricted to save battery? This is the most common slow down! I know, it is pretty silly but people do that. Disable it if you have it enabled.

    Also check background process. Kill them if they are using the processor and/or ram. Try update graphics driver, but I doubt this is the problem.
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