ZT Core i7-2600 or CyberpowerPC i7-2600K for video-editing/multitaskn'

Looking for a sub-$1000 desktop PC for video editing, music production and multi-tasking (200 browser tabs open while editing batches of RAW photos in Lightroom).

Found these two systems in my initial research:

ZT Core i7-2600, 16GB DDR3, 2TB SATA II, 12x Blu-Ray Rewritable, Integrated Intel HD Graphics, USB 3.0, 350W

CyberpowerPC Fang Evo GLC1202: i7-2600K, 1TB 7200RPM, 8GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTS 450 1GB, Liquid Cooling, USB 3.0, 700W

I prefer the first config (Blu-Ray RW! 2TB HD, 16GB RAM! $100 cheaper), but it's no 2600K and I'm not happy with its 350W power supply. What do you think?
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  1. If you're not gaming then the first one is better. The 350W power supply is plenty with no discrete GPU but be aware that if you want to add a video card later then the 350W won't be enough.

    The second has the discrete video card but the GTS 450 isn't a very powerful card anyway and the only difference between the 2600 and 2600K is that the K version is unlocked to allow overclocking.

    Also, your first link doesn't work so I can't see the specifics of the parts.

    If you're willing to pick the parts and build the computer yourself then we might even be able to do a little bit better.
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    For you uses think hard about a raid 0 array instead of a single disk. Video edit stresses disk.

    In the first build make sure you have a good 2TB 7200 rpm drive not a 'green' or 5400 rpm drive.

    In the second build - no way i'd use liquid cooling for anything. Eventually the liquid is coming out. Buts that's just me.

    Suggest you check your favorite video software and see what video cards can be used to accelerate processing. You might discover that strong video is more improtant than you think. A highly parallel video card might work better than the same work done on the CPU. In 'folding at home' the GPU client kills the CPU client.

    I googed the costco system "Online price $949.99 Less -$250.00 YOUR COST $699.99." so the price is nice. The online reviews were bad. Teh MB was h67 based (good) and you can replace a cheap PSU with a good one for $70 or less if ou need to. That said, i'd read reviews very carefully and plan on doing my own service if it fails.
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