New computer I built stopped working after 5 days.

Guys please help me. My computer powers on but shows no display. It was working fine but i changed its position and rewired (external cables such as usb and power cable) and now it doesnt work. First it booted showed the mobo screen then went blank and then restarted after 5 seconds. It continuously did this in a cycle. (It once did this before too but started working after i changed rams positions). So I removed ram and changed the rams position. Now it turns on, the gpu fan and the case fans work, and all the lights are on but it shows absolutely no display. Can someone help me. Btw i always checked the temps and the cpu temps never went above 38 and gpu never above 55. Idle was around 30 for cpu and 38 for gpu. And now the mouse and keyboard arent lighting up so probably they arent getting power.

PC specs:
Core i5 2500k
8gb Gskill ram
GTX 560 gpu
BIOSTAR TZ68A+ LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
Seagate 1tb hdd.
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  1. oh i see but i dont think thats the problem right now. Now ive changed the position of the ram like ten times. The computer is turning on (does not restart) but is not displaying anything. And the keyboard lights turn on for like a second then turn off again for like 5 seconds and this keeps on cycling. Any one knows whats happening?
  2. no i havent tried it without the gpu. But doesnt the PSU say 630 watts? Btw this happened 3 days ago too and changing ram slots made it work again, but now thats not working
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  4. ok thanks for the help bro. Ill return it and try the new one. I hope that works.
  5. ok i just removed my graphics card from the motherboard. Now the lights on the keyboard are working fine and the computer boots and shows display. So this means my psu is underpowered right? My gpu is fine right?
    If so can I ask newegg for a refund or exchange?
  6. one quick question. my keyboard is a brand new logitech g110 and it works on my mac and used to work with computer too but now its not working after ive removed the gpu. The lights are on but i cant type my password
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  8. ok now the computer is not showing any display even with the gpu on. It was showing earlier but after i changed the position of the ram (now i put it back again where it was working) but its still not showing display. It seems if i make a slight change and even if i revert it stops working.
    Are you sure its the psu? Or is it the motherboard? Sometimes the pc works sometimes it doesnt.
  9. alright got a new corsair 650w psu and when i booted the system I saw the motherboard screen then display went blank. And the lights on my keyboard turned on then off then on then off. Is it the motherboard?
  10. or maybe its the ram. gonna check the ram on another pc tomorrow
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