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I bought a cheaper ps3 controller the Power A. It is not a sixaxis controller. I installed motionjoy, however it will not recognize my controller. Is there any other way to emulate a 360 controller so I can play NFS the Run?

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  1. you went from ps3 controller to 360 controller... nvm... no, it would be somthing like trying to install mac osx lion on a pc, without it being illegal.... it just wont work
  2. The PS3 controller does not have a windows driver to handle the input. I've seen a few hacked drivers that in theory should work [Windows DOES recognize the controller...], but I've never bothered.

    Theres a windows driver for the 360 controller, but you either need a 360 wireless receiver to connect wirelessly, or one of the old USB 360 controllers [and no, the one with the recharge station that connects USB does NOT work; i tried].
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