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hello i am new on here and would like to get advice on building a new system i am basically going to be using it to surf, use microsoft word a little gaming i also do online schooling as well if anyone could point me in the right direction looking to build my own system already have monitor speaker mouse and keyboard for a price range around $500
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    Check out the $400 build in my siggy. Perfect for your usage.
  2. awesome would any dvd drive work with that like i said this is my first build ive done research on building what i need to do ive got a friend that built his own system i am upgrading from a dell 2350 right now its very very slow for what im using it for now ive formatted it and put nothing but what i needed on it and its still very slow
  3. Yeah any DVD drive should work, even that Dell's drive.
  4. sweet thanks for all your help
  5. No problem, good luck!
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