2x 5750 vs 1 6870

im upgrading soon! and was wondering what will give me better performance overall? 2x 5750's or a single 6870. I play at 1680 x 1050. I plan on building this rig to play future shooters and mmos (BF3, GW2, SWTOR).

side note i might upgrade monitors and play at higher resolution's but for now im stuck at 1680 x 1050! thank for the help
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  1. You would be better off getting the HD 6870, then grabbing another one later on down the road as the HD 6XXX series scale great.
  2. The two options will give you almost the same performance, point is with one 6870 you could add a new one later on (like Yummerzzz said) and experience some great performance at a not very expensive cost (more so if you will upgrade your monitors), so I would go for the 6870.

    edit. Check this graph: http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-6850-6870-review/14 - One 5750 is 24 fps and the 6870 is 46 fps, now thats close to twice the performance of a single 5750, adding one in crossfire and being very optimistic it would double the performance (it would not, but would be close), so you would end with the performance of a single 6870, like I said, get the 6870.
  3. +1 for 6870.
  4. The 6870 without a doubt, newer tech and the chance to add a 2nd in the future when prices drop.
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