ZT Affinity 7618MI Desktop PC a good buy?

Hey! I've noticed you guys are all pretty knowledgeable about computers and you helped me out before while I was browsing around as a guest :)

Anyways, I am wondering if this computer would be a good buy for me. I only have a few uses I will be using it for: Video Editing in both SD and HD, but much more in HD. I am pretty confidant it can edit the SD of course.

The specific camcorder footage in question would be coming from the Pansonic TM-90 (2011 model). I would be using 1080/60p function on the camera.

Anyways the two uses: Video Editing (At ABSOLUTE longest it would be 45 minute length videos, most of the time less than 20), and watching the occasional YouTube Video.

I am on a budget, and only have $800 (this costs $750) to spend on a computer, and it must be bought in the next two weeks.

Specs of the computer:

Intel Core i7 2600
3.40 GHz

16Gb DDR3 SDRAM (upgradeable to 32Gb, I don't expect to need 32Gb, but if you would recommend upgrading, then please say so)

Comes with a 1TB Hard Drive I expect to upgrade.

Gigabyte GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 motherboard, which seems okay. I believe it is only used on the SandyBridges, so I'm assuming it's adequate.

(Intel H67 Express Chipset)

It has one PCIEX16 Graphics Card Slot, and I would like a recommendation on what card to get? Or if you believe I don't need one please tell me.

It also comes with Windows 7 Home that I am upgrading to proffesional.

Thank You!
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    Thats a very good combo for the kind of work you are doing
    2600/H67/16 gig of RAM

    Whether its a good deal or not comes down to quality of the case/ power supply etc, but I think it would be hard to build it from parts for much less [ if any ]

    Make absolutely sure the version of windows they supply is 64 bit . It has to be or it cant use the RAM
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