[Please Help] Will My Motherboard Support AMD 8-Core Processor ?

Hi, I Am Thinking To Update My Gaming Rig.

I am thinking to buy AMD 8-Core Processor [Which Is Named "AMD Bulldozer" I Think]

I Have :-

2*2GB = 4GB Crossair Ram
500 GB * 2 = 1TB HDD
Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3 Motherboard [ Upgraded To Bios Ver F4c ]
ATI Raedon HD 5770 1GB-DDR5 Graphics Card
700W Cooler Master Silent Pro SMPS

Please Tell Me Please Will My "Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3" Motherboard Support 8-Core AMD Processors , If Yes Which Processor Model Is Best To Buy For Gaming And Huge Multitasking.

Also Please Tell When Will "8-Core AMD Processors" Will Arrive In INDIA .
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  1. Quick google search brought this up.
    If that is indeed your motherboard, than no it doesn't support Bulldozer(aka the FX series processors) The majority of AM3 motherboards won't support Bulldozer because they require the AM3+ socket. It isn't any better for gaming than a Phenom II X4, the majority of games cannot utilize more than the 4 cores a Phenom II X4 has, and IPC if actually lower. IPC = instructions per clock, what that means is a 3.6Ghz Phenom II X4 is faster than a 4 core FX 4100 at 3.6Ghz. Bulldozer is primarily useful in only the 8 core variant for highly threaded applications, and even with higher clock speeds it isn't much faster than Phenom II X6 at most tasks.
  2. Yeah, games only use up to 4 cores, and they don't even use the 4th core efficiently.

    Based on an Anandtech CPU scaling article about games that can use 4 cores, going from a CPU with 2 cores to 3 core increases performance on average by 27%. Going from 3 cores to 4 cores yielded on average a 6% increase in performance.

    If you do not use any applications that can must more than 4 cores, then that basically means the 5th to 8th will never be utilized unless you are running multiple programs (that can use multiple cores) at the same time.
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