System hang

helo sir.....
some times after power failure my system hangs.....whats the matter ?
if I m working in any type of my computer and then suddenly the power fail then my system hang warning no msg .......just hang and after that I have to restart my pc and my work data has gone.........this problem happens in few weeks....earlier this problem never happen.
plz suggest me whats the problem ?

I have amd phenom X3
seagate hdd 1TB
asus m2nmx se plus motherboard
nvidia 8500 gt garphic card
2 gb dual channel ram
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  1. I dont know exactly what is causeing this but from my experiance it sounds like maybe the bios. Look on the asus site see if there is a newer version for your motherboard if there is then on the asus web page for your motherboard see if there is a tool "asus update" will update the bios for you but be carefull do not power off until completed. Or there is the other option that does not fix it but makes it easyer to cope with set an auto save on your work which is probably the first option
  2. You must have installed a software which can not match with your system..
    Try to remember and uninstall that software and also check your system with antvirus.
  3. which psu are you using
    looks like its psu problem
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