Blocking Facebook from Windows 7 (INFO)

A simple addition to Mozilla Firefox (a plug in) is capable of blocking facebook social network ads and pop ups from your computer. This disables many of the irritating tracking features and facebook sponsored advertisements from invading your windows 7.
I have used it, and man, do I love it! I recommend that the entire world install it.
If you have joined face book, or deleted your face book account, you are still being invaded by facebook everyday.

If other members have more methods of deleting facebook tracking from windows 7, post it here in this thread. Spread the word.

"People don’t appreciate ads intruding on their browsing experience and hence they install Firefox and adblocker, for the same reasons some people don’t like Facebook intruding on their presence on the net. One of those people is David Collier who wasn’t too happy about Facebook’s instant personalization and hence blocked it.

Install Firefox and the AdBlock Plus add-on
After Starting Firefox click on the “ABP” icon next to your search bar to access the preferences or go to Tools–>AdBlock Plus Preferences
Click on Add Filter and create a filter called ‘Facebook Block’ and add the following code in it:
Click “Apply“

Now AdBlock Plus will be blocking access and traffic to and from on any website except for That way you will no longer see “like” buttons or swathes of the people who like a certain page or company and no longer have to deal with those pesky auto-logins".
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  1. i use adblock but i dont really care about the minuscule like buttons, i dont even notice them most of the time.
  2. I did not select this as the best answer.
    There are a multitude of ads, that will display on your screen, after Facebook has installed in your system, not just buttons. This stops all of it, and you will notice blank white space instead of the ads.
  3. farrengottu said:
    i use adblock but i dont really care about the minuscule like buttons, i dont even notice them most of the time.

    Whoever is selecting "best answer" to my posts:
    I am going to call the corporate office of Tom's Hardware and file a formal complaint against you. Bank on it.
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