Psu isnt working with Motherbard

So I own a Corsair CX600 PSU and a ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX Motheboard and for some reason when i have my Psu plugged into the mobo my psu wont turn on, but when I do the paperclip trick it turns on and the fan starts spinning and what not, is my mobo and psu not cpmpatible because i checked and have been told it is. What do you guys think is the prolem?
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  1. Hi, check you mobo with another psu. I think there is a faulty mobo. Your psu is compatible with your mobo.
  2. if this is a new build check that you used the mb brass standoff and are not shorting the mb to the computer case. also check that the i\o shield not shorting the mb out and you connected the 4/8 pin pci power connector.
  3. hmm you are tryig to turn it on from the power button on the case right ? and not the toggle on the psu
  4. Likely your problem is the cords coming from your case theres a pwr reset make sure thats plugged into the right pin refer to the motherboard manual for location of the pin..make sure the positives and negatives are right.
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