Compatible motherboard for p5n-mx

I have ZT systems desktop where VGA is't working, Taking it to Bestbuy Geek says change mother board or go buy new desktop!

i can't find Asus P5N-mX anywhere... is there a compatible motherboard i could use?

Please help!
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  1. This board will work for your system:

    It cost $44.99. Asus will cost $15 more. So i suggest go for asrock and it will be good as asus.
  2. Thank you So much!. i will try this.
  3. low97user said:
    Thank you So much!. i will try this.

    what motherboard did you replace the P5N-MX with?

    I have same desktop as yours, and need to find a compatible MB to replace P5N-MX with.
  4. I too am looking for Asus p5n-mx motherboard without success, what motherboard should I get that will not only work but also fit into the system box.
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