Strange Smell from PSU?

Hey, I recently came home to a horrible smell from my PC. I then narrowed it down to the PSU..It's like a burning smell/chemical smell....

i5 2500k
Hyper 212+
8 gigs ripjaws
1TB seagate barracuda
rosewill challenger
xfx 6950 2gb
sony 24x burner
gigabyte z68mx-ud2h-b3

and the problem causer

Antec High Current Gamer Series 750w PSU.

What should I do? :??:
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  1. If it smells like an electrical burning disconnect it immediately and contact Antec or your supplier in regards to the warranty.

    Generally when it smells that way a resistor or capacitor has blown. That last thing you want is the psu to short or malfunction as it can take down everything else in the system.
  2. Probably a MOSFET transistor or Schottky rectifier burned out.

    File a report about your problem through Antec's Online Customer Support System here:
  3. or take it back to where you brought it from if its new enough.
  4. And now it's just turning off and on by itself every once in a while...

    I'll leave the PSU out overnight by itself and turn it back on, if the problem continues, I'll RMA it.
  5. RMA it NOW! You dont know what went wrong in it or if its pumping out extremely high noise or voltages to your components and damaging them. It sounds like something in the PSU let its magic smoke out so its safe to assume it is no longer behaving normally which puts the rest of the system at risk especially if you continue to use it.
  6. Alright, i'm going to finish my homework that I need the PC for then RMA it.

    The smell and random shutoffs continue. >.<
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