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i just purchased an acer s231hl and it is woking perfectly as my primary display. my emachine (acer) e181h though is freaking out it kind of jumps around with a black line scrolling from bottom to top

i am running vista x64 ultimate with a hd5770 on the freshly installed 11-6 driver

i uninstalled the ati drivers and reinstalled, i unistalled the emachine and reinstalled with latest drivers.....cant seem to get it to work
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  1. heck the refresh rate in the display properties. try setting them to 60Hz
  2. tried, no effect

    the 23 is at 1920x1080 @60 main
    the 18 is at 1360x768 @60 extended

    just had a thought, i only have a small psu, thermatake 350 watt. might i have finally found its limits?

    another thing, no matter what i do ati catalyst sees the 18 as a crt, not lcd
  3. The 5770 is a bit marginal on a 350 watt PSU, it may be causing issues, but first do some testing with the monitor.

    Try the monitor as the only one on your system, and try the monitor on another PC.

    Also check in the settings for a factory reset for the monitor and do that. Maybe swap the cable.
  4. the 18 was my only display for 2 years and worked perfectly. i have tried different cables, and tried it on both of the 5770's dvi connections. the issue only came up when i added the 23 and relegated the 18 to secondary. i will look for a reset option when i get home from work tonight.

    the more i think about it the more i am beginning to suspect that i am underpowered. when both are in use even the 23 twiches on occasion, but is fine by itself, as is the 18
  5. Try separating the monitors a bit or moving them to a different power plug. You could have a shielding problem with electro/magnetic interference.
  6. ahhhh that is a very real possibility! lolol people would be scared of my wiring mess....thanks
  7. hang-the-9, finally solved the problem.....turns out there is a bug in the amd drivers that if you enable overdrive for your gpu it may cause interference in dual setups. i disabled overdrive (was only using it so i could run the fan at 100%...it only runs at 30 otherwise) and it cleared up the monitors
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