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AMD HD6850 on a 300W PSU?


I'm getting an AMD HD6850. I notice on their site that their recommended minimum PSU is 500W. I've got a 300W PSU. Is it really a problem? I've never even thought about PSUs before until I saw that spec, then opened my case and saw it's 300W. Not sure if I should upgrade it or not. Would appreciate your thoughts.

System is a quad core @ 2.66 with Windows 7 32 bit. Screen is a 24" @ 1920x1080. The HD6850 is I think factory overclocked.

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    300w is too low for that card you must need at least 550w.if you wanna go to overclock then get 650w.otherwise 550w works fine.....
  2. Okay. Thanks. Just saw a decent Coolermaster 550W online. So it's fine. Thanks.
  3. indeed! cooler master is the best brand....
  4. Okay, cool. Thanks for your help.
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  6. welcome! my friend!!
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