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hello guys,
i ve a msi g41m-p28 mobo which according to has a 1.0 bus standard pcie slot but on the user manual its mentioned 2.0x16 slot.and i am forward looking to get a hd 7770 card which has 3.0 bus standard version,so will my mobo support that card?
the model number of my motherboard is:ms-7592.
so please guys help me out with this mess.
pleasure to be in ur community.
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  1. yes.. it will work.. The card is backward compatible.. But you wont be able to tap out its full performance
  2. tap out its performance what does that mean?can i get reasonable fps while gaming?
  3. "tap out" means to yield/get. think about using USB3.0 in USB 2.0 port. A usb 3.0 pendrive/hdd will work fine in USB2.0 port but u wont get the speed of USB 3.0 with this.
  4. it mighyt work but what wiill be the best choice?
  5. Well, my suggestion to you is to change the motherboard because, your series only supports the core2 and celeron processors(old LGA package). intel is now leading in market with their 3rd generation processors(i series) So, it'll be a nice upgrade in a gaming point of view if get a new motherboard+CPU along with ur 7770. It will be a futureproof gaming system for atleast 3-4 years.. Its just a suggestion. Final decision is always yours.
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