Which audio chip it is?

Hi all,

The audio chip in this board is confusing me.

It has Realtek/VIA codec. What does that mean? Mixed? How will be its quality? I don't get it.

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  1. It will have Either/Or Via or realtek, luck of the draw!

    Do not worry, ANNO 2012 and pretty much all onboard Audio from Realtek or Via is perfectly good for every day use :)

    The only time you will worry is if you invest as much into Audio equipment as you do your tower!
  2. I've read somewhere the VIA is a pretty good quality codec. Not sure if there's any objective review.
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    GIGABYTE's global website says VIA 2021 CODEC. No mention of Realtek audio.

    The motherboard manual hasn't been updated, it still shows Realtek/VIA HD audio codec.
  4. I like realtek over via for its great driver. So much option where via driver is simple.
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