How much daes it take to update BIOS in a P8Z77 Asus?


I have built a computer and it is restarting after a short time, so I cannot use OS based BIOS update. (I have not discovered the reason).

I want to update with the EZ Flash 2 Utility from a USB drive. How much time will it take to update BIOS? Motherboard is P8Z77-V Pro.

I want it to finish in less than 5 mins or so, so my computer doesn't restart in the middle of the update.

Thank you for any information!
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  1. It will definitely take less than 5 minutes, but I'd suggest you fix the reboot issue before flashing the BIOS. You should never flash a BIOS unless you know that the system is stable. Does it restart if you leave it in the BIOS configuration screen or only when the OS is loaded?
  2. It restarts in both cases. I think it restarts because of a protection system of the motherboard (possibly malfunctioning). I disabled the ASUS Anti-surge protection, but it keeps restarting. It cuts energy, and like a second after the cut, computer turns on again. If Anti-surge is enabled, it says that it was triggered to protect system from unstable PSU. PSU is a new Antec High Current Pro 850W 80+ Gold. I think I will send everything to guarrantee...
  3. Can't you try a different PSU? It doesn't have to be powerful to power up the system. If the system still reboots, then you know that it probably is a motherboard issue.
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