12.6v on the 12v Rail

Hi All,
After being shocked and worried after HWMonitor was reading 13.38v on the 12v rail in my system I decided to whack out the multimeter and check for myself. To my relief HWMonitor was innaccurate however my computer is currently idling at 12.6v on the 12v rail which seems high. I haven't tested it under load yet but is 12.6v bad? Could it be causing my system any long term harm?

I'll test under load soon :)
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  1. Not a problem, it's typical. There are voltage regulators downstream for the actual components which will 'massage' the voltages to the required level.
  2. trust the multimeter. HWmonitor measures from the motherboard, and isnt always accurate.
  3. Sounds dumb but how do I know which 12v rail I'm measuring because this psu has 4 12v rails :P
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