Told Evga Gtx 580 VERY Loud - Need Alternative

Posted my build earlier with 580's in SLI, was told and shown via video that the 580gtx by evga is very loud at full fan speed, has anyone else experienced this? Also Im not sure what a good alternative would be to EVGA, MSI? gigabyte, I was looking at the ASUS model but it requires 3 slots

and I have serious doubts that I will be able to sli them on the board Im planning to buy below

Please don't suggest crossfire I despise ATI.

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  1. lol very loud, no way. My 470s are louder and who cares when your playing a game? are you gonna be annoyed by a fan over the sound of bullets flying past your face?
  2. Well it was mentioned that at full speed you'd need headphones to ignore it. I was just curious if there was a better option. but you make a good point
  3. Unless you go liquid cooled the high end graphics cards sound loud. the 6990 is no exception and the 590 gtx is even worse than the 580. Better and bigger the gfx card the more heat it produces and the more cooling it needs. I would suggest to make fan profiles in the nvidia control panel, that way its quiet when you want to browse the web and then gets louder when your playing a game to cool the graphics card adequately.
  4. Mightymaxo are you currently liquid cooling? I've never done any WC before and am hesitant to try, I would like to get my rig water cooled, just not sure what kinda headache Im getting myself into
  5. my laptop fan is louder than my 580, but I don't have SLI and I have a very 'airey' case. I actually don't think I've ever heard my GPU. I play Witcher 2 on it and my case fans are the only slight hum I hear.
  6. Ive never done watercooling but i hear its a pain because you have to change the water regularly every couple of months.
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