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Hello, I'm working on putting together a amd fx either 6100 or 8150 (trying to decide price versus quality) using a corsair h80, and would like your opinion on A) the best thermal paste, I've always standardized with the arctic silver 5, but am hoping there's something better and B) I need help deciding on a board, I'm looking at hte crosshair V and the sabertooth at the moment, and I know little about any of the gigabyte/msi boards, always have been a huge fan of asus.

If you guys can reccomend a damn good thermalpaste and which asus board, or a better board by anyone I would really appreciate it
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  1. Here is a review of thermal compound done by one of our Moderators...

    From the review... my recommendation would be the Artic Cooling Artic MX-4
  2. Thank you very much for your help and for your quick response, I found it very helpful in my final decision, I was unaware of that kind of test already have been done and was grateful for the statistics page.

    Also as a side note, I went with the crosshair V board in the peoples opinion was that the best choice?
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