No LED light(on case) Fans are on, mobo led is on. No Beep Code.

So yeah. I recently installed a new psu (old one died) and connected everything. PC booted fine the first time. I even a game benchmark at max settings to see if everything was ok. I noticed the psu was a bit hot and turned off the pc. I checked everything and plugged back in the pc. Now it won't boot. The led light on case flickers and goes off, the fans inside run and the mobo led is on. No boot. No beep codes.
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  1. with a name like Arson , I suspect you tried to set it on fire
  2. I am not amused......
  3. Consider the issue solved. I'm not entirely sure what the issue was to begin with. Moved some of my psus wires out of the way and its now booting fine(i tried 7 times to be sure.....damn right). LED for the case still doesn't go on though.
  4. The Case Led is probably connected backwards. Try unplugging it and turning it around.
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