Asrock z77 extreme 4 build quality vs gigabyte z77x-ud3h

I am going to buy asrock z77 extreme 4,

But one thing that bothers me is the build quality of this board.

I am a great fan of gigabyte & there ultra durable concepts even in low end boards.

Since i am going for a extreme series in asrock i guess its quality will be same.

Am i going to miss the ultra duarble stuffs in gigabyte.

The asrock costs me 10000 INR ~ 179 $
but the gigabyte z77x-ud3h cost me 12800 INR ~ 229 $

I am thinking of to choose the asrock for the 2800 INR (50$) diff.

Am i missing the quality here ???

is the quality difference worth for the money ???

What about high temperature, electrostatic and power failure protections in asrock z77e4 board ???

I only see the humidity protection in asrock.

thx in advance.
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  1. Six of one, both are decent MOBO's and the failure rates on both are <3%. The ASRock does offer its 'dehumidifier' cycling but the Gigabyte's PCB has been improved to handle high humidity ... repels moisture.

    As far as (INR 50$) depends, if both MOBO's have all the features you want and can afford then go with the cheapest. There are better and worst MOBO's.

    /Edit - Neither should be run with a PSU without Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) or an Anti-Surge Protector. My preference is a good UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).
  2. Go for the Extreme4 and save some money to buy something better in the future :) Both are good boards :)
  3. They are both decent but Extreme4 the only negative I have for this motherboard is that it slips outside of typical ATX specifications. It’s 3cm thinner than a standard ATX motherboard and as a result may lack secure mounting on the far side since this isn’t a common size, which also means you should be very careful when plugging in the 24-pin ATX motherboard power – as the motherboard may flex.Still a decent mobo but i personally wouldn't buy it
  4. definitely get the ASRock. At that price difference. Wow.

    In Taiwan, Extreme 4 is $145 and UD3H is $127 (USD)
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    Yeah lol. Indian prices are always going bonkers.
  6. Thanks guys,

    I bought asrock z77e4 board.

    Looking good, i need help & clarifications regarding the board and setup.Continue your support.

    I will keep posting in asrock subdivision in the forum.
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