Is my old PSU sufficiant for new system?

Hi all :)

I already ordered new parts for my pc but i don't really know if I have to look for a new psu because I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment :sweat:

Here are the specs of my new build:

-ASRock 880GMH/U3S3 motherbord
-AMD Phenom II 965 Black edition (125w version)
-ATI HD 6870
-2x4GB DDR3 @ 1600 mhz
-1 DVD/CD drive
-2 regular S-ATA HDD

Here are the specs of my PSU:

ultron UN-550G Green Force 550W

- ATX Version 2.2 power supply
- Passiv PFC
- 82+ Efficiency
- 2x 6-pin connectors

AC output:______________________________________230Vac 5A_________________________________________

DC output:____+3,3V________+5V___________+12V(1)_________+12V(2)_____-5V______-12V________ +5Vsb
Max. Current: --------130W---------_____________-------------400W-----------_______-------12W--------_______12,5W

Total wattage: 550W

I already tried an PSU calculator. I came on 530W but I don't know if my Amps are sufficiant.

I would be really gratefull to hear a convenient answer :)

Thanx on advantage and sorry for my bad english.
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  1. should be allright
  2. just don't OC too much
  3. Thats too bad... I was planning to get me a zalman cooler for 40 bucks so I can easely OC the cpu from 3.4 ghz to 4 ghz. Do you think i must not risk it?
  4. I think you can overclock it, as long as you don't change the voltages.
  5. yeah but power consuption will go up neways
  6. 19A on a single +12V rail = Insufficient
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