Is 2 x 560Ti overkill for a single display 1920x1080

or would a single 570 or 580 suffice? Will be using for gaming and want very high settings, within fiscal reason.

Would be running (under a proposed build...if it matters):

CPU - i5 2500k or i7 2600k


PSU - Something with 1000 watts
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  1. Is 2 x 560Ti overkill for a single display 1920x1080
  2. I would say not at all. I use 2 580s on a 1920x1080 and crank the details and AA and the view in BFBC2 is just breathtaking. My GPUs peak in the high 90s so I'm not bottlenecking.

    2 560s would be a great combo. I'm sure you'll be able to max out on just about everything too.
  3. Yeah you can max out bfbc2 with your 580's, but i can also do it with a single 570 and still run at 60 fps. Dont get me wrong, I would love to have your set up, but one card is sufficient for now. However if the sli 560's are in your budget... do it, Id say its almost always worth future proofing a build when possible.
    Also, you wont need 1000 watts, something like a solid 850 would do fine.
  4. OC'd SLi'd GTX560's can be run on a Corsair 620HX.
  5. In most cases, a single gtx 570 or 6970 can get the job done at that resolution, but there are games, like Metro 2033 that would like a pair of 560 ti's to run well.

    Also, if you happen to have a 120hz monitor, you will definitely enjoy the extra FPS produced by the SLI setup.
  6. I suggest just buy one and get the second if or when you think you need it as they will only get cheaper.
  7. you dont need 1000w for a start. an i5 2500k 2x560ti's and a good 750w Antec, seasonic, corsair or XFX power supply is what you want. Dont go for the cheap brand PSU's. Even some of the more well known brands like thermaltake or coolermaster make some pretty crappy PSU's which will not produce their rated power.
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