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Got myself a gaming computer, When I built it I didn't consider noise levels from the components. So i simply need some advise from your experiences, so here goes..

Parts (That make noise).
Case - Antec 902V3: low - great/high - tolerable
Gpu - Shappire 6870: low - silent/high - INTOLERABLE
Cpu - Phenom 955: low - loud/high - EXTREMELY INTOLERABLE
HDD - 360G 7200 sata - okay but makes some ticking noises.
PSU - Gigabyte 550W - Silent

So.. I would like to know how I can reduce the noise level in this beast.

My ideas are too
Replace cpu cooler (thus reducing noise, it also has to beat the performance of the stock cooler).
Replace gpu cooler (keep in mind that this card is clocked to 950MHz I need quietness but at the same time I need performance).
Place rubber rings around the the fan screws (eliminating vibrations).

If you have any ideas or quesions to try and make my ideas come to life post away.
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    put it in another room , with a 5- 10 meter dvi cable back to your monitor
  2. Ha....funny reply.

    Suggestions (least to greatest cost):

    CPU Cooler
    Well I would definately replace that cpu cooler...stock cooler seem to never be good. Not familiar with AMD coolers so web search your socket for best/quietest cooler. Probably the cheapest and best thing you can do is switch out stock cooler---it is insurance in a way.

    You could also switch out your HDD for somthing a bit pep-ish thats not costly....HDD can be a bottleneck. Almost all new HDD are quiet...Raptors I have make a little noise but not much. So grab some drives with better specs and you will benefit from better noise too.

    Sell and get a quieter gpu....either different model all together or the same model non-reference designs that all ready have extra fans attached. That way you wont burn up a Frankenstein attempt at cooling ur current vid card & you can get some change back from your current vid card towards an upgrade.
    I got the Sparkle Calibre GTX is so much quieter and way cooler then the GTX 460, GTX470 & GTX 480 reference (stock cooling) designs I've had and overclocked already.
  3. Oh....dont underestimate the benefits of switching out alll case fans to silent and high cfm versions. More air will help curb your comonents need for lower temps and thusly might prevent them from getting loud.
  4. I was totally serious . DVI and USB can both work over distances of 5-10 meters [ 17 - 34 feet ]

    But the other suggestions are good too

    and so is the option to buy a case with serious sound insulation
  5. Outlander lol. i seriously considered that ^
    Alright so.. im deff getting a cpu cooler thinking a v8 cooler..
    new gpu i dont have the money right now is there seriously no good aftermarker coolers?
    i put the rubber around the HDD screws and its silent now.

    what cpu/gpu could i get?
  6. IMO a quiet gpu cooler costs too much to be worthwhile

    A quiet cpu cooler is about $50 and worth it if you can also use it on your NEXT build
    The interior of the case panels can have sound deadening foam glued in place .
    Even corrugated cardboard might work well enough since noise is often about resonance
  7. Listen to Outlander.

    That V8 cooler I had for 2 days in my Antec 1200 (not a t0iny case) and could not shut the window. It is a very tall cooler. Unplug ur pc and measure from the heat plate of current cooler to the opossing case wall and check that to the spec'd height of the V8 to be safe. Plenty of aircooler reviews and charts....I would check a few out before grabbing that cooler.
  8. I got 20cm of space between mobo and door is that enough?


    5.2 surround sound
    5 x 40Watt Rms Speakers
    1x150watt Rms sub
    + 1 x 400watt super woofer system (2 x 6" speakers)

    Speakers 100%, Gpu fan speed 100% I CAN STILL HEAR THE FAN!!!

    I will get the v8, now i need a "Gpu cooler" advise ?
  9. Its probably a more costly option than everything said above, but it would certainly reduce noise levels if you went to watercooling.

    A closed loop CPU and a small loop + pump for the GPU would work nicely.
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