Need some help choosing a mobo. PCI-E related

I'm in the process of piecing a new PC together and wanted some help choosing a mobo. When it comes to PCI-E i know what x8/x16 means, but is it worth it for 2 x16 pci-e 3.0 slots? I've been looking up different mobo's and only a handful come with 2 x16's.

I plan on using at least 2 gtx 670/680 so if i had a x16/x8 will I be saturating the x8 lanes?

Just wanted to hear input from the community. Thanks!
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  1. Oh yes, if you're going to use 2 GTX670/680 it's TOTALLY worth getting two x16s.

    What's your budget?
  2. I was hoping at most $300
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  4. I like the specs on that one.

    Is there a list of wish ones have x16/x16? The only way to check in newegg is by actually checking out the details of each one.
  5. Yeah, the Maximus V Extreme.
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