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Upgrading GPU

I currently have a GTX 580 and a 750W PSU

Here's the thing should I sell the 580 for ~400 USD and get a 590/6990 or should I wait extra long to get a new PSU and another 580 (and have to apply a bios hack to use SLI on my mobo)?
This relates to my maxing Metro 2033 but today I saw my 580 play Crysis 2 (with the new upgrades DX11+High Res pack) with about an average of 40 FPS, which I know is alright for most users but I would prefer ~50-60.
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  1. What are your rest system specs?
  2. sli ftw
  3. He can't SLI on 750w. No way.
    As KSS said, what are the rest of your sytem specs?

    I assume you are running an AMD system since you referred to "bios hack" for 8x8x SLI?

    What is your monitor res? If it's 1080p, no point upgrading really. You will only be pouring hundreds of dollars down the drain for ~10FPS.
  4. Phenom x4 BE @stock
    Crosshair IV Formula
    4GBs DDR3 @1600
    GTX 580 @850/1700
    750W PC P&C Silencer
    Green Caviar 750GB

    Yeah I'm @1080p but with how much performance Crysis 2 and Metro are asking for I can't see it as too overkill when BF3 should be similar.
  5. With this system specs and resolution i think the 580 is more than enough so you might have some bootleneck form your cpu.Try overclock it a bit and see the results.
  6. If you are using phenom i with that gtx 580, god you are under some serious bottlenecking. If you are using it with phenom ii @ stock, god you are under some serious bottlenecking still. :p How much money you got? I think your mobo does have future support for am3+ cpus(just got to love asus ;) ) . So, probably if BD does comes out good, your rig will truly get awesome IMHO.
  7. A single 580 shouldn't bottleneck a Phenom II x4 955 or above. However I do agree you need to OC that CPU.
  8. I haven't seen an improvement in framerates while overclocking my CPU but I can try again I guess.
  9. Sorry for the late post but I traded my 580 out and got a 6970 PCS+ and on the specs they say you can xfire 2 of them on a 750w

    But now I can't find any place that is selling the PCS+ still.
    I know I can get a different card but besides that one which model/brand should I get?

    Budget is ~$390 w/shipping

    Need advice fast!
  10. Anything! As long as it's got the same specs (2GB Vram, no special editions) You can use any. I would get one with a good cooler, Like a TFII version.
  11. Thanks for the info, links would be appreciated too if possible.
    Newegg is my fav.

    Currently looking at the stock Sapphire one because I don't see any non-stock coolers.
  12. Well, this would be my favorite: The Lightning series is SUPER high quality. You pay more for a small overclock, but you get the friggin amazing cooler that is the TFIII!

    If you want to buy right now, this IceQ would be my second choice:
  13. Well even if I waited I don't have enough for the TFIII because of shipping.
    Is the IceQ really good? the clear plastic makes it look cheap.

    Not that looks are everything, and does anyone still sell the CPS+ ?
  14. I just found that, but it's out of stock and I think it's out of production.
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    Huh, yeah... I guess you could hit up ebay :/
  16. striker410 said:
    Huh, yeah... I guess you could hit up ebay :/

    I did the only PCS+ cards on ebay are 6870s etc...

    Thanks for the info about the IceQ card.
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