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Is this PSU compatible with my Motherboard?

Hey, I need a new PSU for my brand new HD 5970 and I was doing a bit of research and I (think) I've found what I need. The only problem is, I'm not quite sure the PSU is compatible with my motherboard. The PSU says the Connector is 20 + 4 pin and my motherboard says 24 pin. Ehh...any help here?


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    That power supply is fully compatible with that motherboard. You obtain 24-pins by plugging in both the 20-pin and the 4-pin connectors that are located on the same cable strand.

    You're going to encounter the same dilemma for your HD 5970 which requires a 6-pin and an 8-pin PCI-e connector. The power supply doesn't have any 8-pin PCI-E connectors but it does have two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. You connect up both the 6-pin portion and the 2-pin portion dangling from the 6-pin connector together to obtain the full 8-pins.
  2. Yes is compatible. Psu's are compatible with any motherboard from the market. 24 pins from the motherboard is the same think with 20+4 from the psu. They are making 20+4 pin , because the old motherboards have just 20 pins and they add +4 pins. Here you have some pictures with what is that mean :
    You can buy that PSU :)
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