Realtemp and HW Monitor not showing GPU temps

So I downloaded both of the programs stated in the title and neither is showing me the temperature of my pny gtx 570. Anyone know a quick fix for this or is there a better program? Specs are listed in my signature if thats needed. Thanks!

Edit: It should be noted that HW monitor does not only not show my GPU but it only shows my assembly temps and airflow temps... no cpu or anything
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    you could try this:

    also, does Realtemp show ur cpu temps?
  2. Downloading now, hopefully that works. Yes realtemp does show my temperatures, however it doesnt give my clock speed or load %
  3. Cool, that works well, thank you!
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  5. You can't expect it to work correctly when you didn't even install the driver.
  6. I had the actual drivers installed. those other things are some other, unneeded drivers... they do what i wanted though
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