Overclocking my 570

So I hadnt felt the need to before but Id like to see a little better framerates in Crysis 2 with the new stuff out. I am pretty noobish when it comes to overclocking though. Im planning on using the nvidia performance tool.

can someone please tell me exactly what I need to change these values to? Id like to get about 800-850 core clock but im not sure what to do with the other stuff.
My gpu idles at 49 degrees for now and it hit about 72 when playing crysis earlier. thanks!
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    Your temps are looking good but you didn't describe what powersupply you currently have. It could change your result slighty or greatly...

    There is no blueprint for any overclock. The way to accomplish this is by increasing by very small increments and fully test the rig for stability at each step. Start by increasing the gpu core clock 25mhz, test, then 5mhz increments all the way to the maximum it is capable of. Stability testing is the key here to finding the maximum clock. When you reach the maximum, backup by a few increments and that will be the max 24/7 overclock.

    You then put back gpu core clock to it's default, and you start incrementing ram the same way as you did for the gpu. Again test a lot, and when you find the max clock, backup a little so you won't wear your card in the long run.

    Oh and always check it's temperature. When overclocking it is recommended to put the graphic card's fan at maximum speed since the card will get hotter than usual.
  2. There's no reason not to jump right to your goal clocks and run tests. If you get artifacts, stab around until you find something reasonable. ^That method is scientific, but you can skip steps.
  3. Yeah I kinda went with that second option there. I actually switched to MSI afterburner. Im currently at 837 core, 1674 shader, 1970 memory and fan speed of about 50. Im idling around 46 degrees now and under 70 at load. I did see a boost of rating in MSI benchmarking but looking at my framerates in Crysis 2 I didnt see a huge boost. Ill keep it here for now, I feel comfortable with it.
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