Intel i3 2120 compatible motherboard

I am assembling new pc . Kindly tell me which is the best motherboard for intel i3 2120 processor? and why(benefits)?
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  1. Anything that says 1155 on it will work.

    You can probably get by with something H61 for like $50 just fine.

    If you absolutely must have UEFI, it would need to be more like a Z68 or Z77/H77/B75/Q77 instead.

    I would stick with a major brand like Gigabyte, Asus, or Asrock.
  2. H61/h67/p67/z68/b75/z75/h77/z77/q77 will work
  3. Can you make a build.
    I have intel i3 2120 procesor.
    Stronium 2x2gb ram,
    Zebronic 450W PSU.
    Now I have to change the the GPU,Motherboard and If you like you could change the PSU.
    DOnt worry about the range I can handle it.
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