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Upgrade AMD 720 X3?

Would it make any sense to upgrade my CPU? I have

AMD 720 X3 Black Edition which freezes my MB when I tried to unlock or overclock
Biostar TA790GX 128M
HIS 6850
2 HD's - 1 WD 640GM and a 1TB
Corsair 650 power supply

I suppose the candidates would be something inthe Phenom 955 series or one of the x6 CPU's. Honestly I probably don't have anything that places outrageous demands on the CPU now, but would I see any noticeable improvement in everyday operations? If I did get a new CPU, would it just a matter of dropping it in the socket?
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    955 is much better upgrade you have already gotten a good get 955 no need to waste money on x6.your mobo is fine for 955.
  2. ^ +1 on 955
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