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My MSI K8N Neo4-f motherboard worked correctly for years with two 1GB Kingmax DDR400 DIMM modules (installed in sockets 1,3). Now I bougth two additional Kingmax 1GB DDR400 DIMM modules, they are good (installed alone in sockets 1,3 they are OK), but with the four modules together the system does not boot. A - - - style beep can be heard.
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  1. Sounds like the BIOS is having trouble reconfiguring itself after the change.

    I would take out the battery for 30 min and put it back in. See if that changes anything.

    You can try for any amount of time less than that if you want, like 5 min, however there is no way to ensure the objective of the procedure will be achieved that way. If you do try it for a smaller time and it does the same thing, then you can do it for the full 30.
  2. I took your advice and it worked: now I could install all the four memory modules. Thanks a lot! This also means that the CMOS contains hidden parameters not accessible through the BIOS setup. After this, I had to play a little with the DRAM manual parameters, because automatic setup ended up with DDR-333 configuration. Memclock index = 200 and CAS# latency Tcl = 3 reached the DDR-400 state.

  3. It isn't really a parameter. It is a master hardware list. If you say it is a parameter then that implies you can go in and change it, but it can't be edited by a human. It is by and for the BIOS and the BIOS has complete control over it.

    It is made on the first boot and sticks with the computer until the hardware changes. If the hardware changes, the computer is supposed to be able to auto-detect this and fix the list, but sometimes it can't.

    Anyway, this was apparently one of the times it can't, so the only way to fix it is to just delete the whole master list (remove the battery for 30 min does this) and let it rebuild itself from scratch on the next boot.
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