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Hey all! Thanks to anyone who can give me some feedback on there own experience.

Recently I switched to static IP for my business and I was offered a free DDNS hosting, well its not working so good and I have no control over my MX, A and cname records. Also I can only use one client for the DDNS service (Should have did my research but live and learn) The problem is this well two:

1. Does anyone know a good service I can switch my domain name too? that is under $100 for the year? That gives me more then one domain I can use ( I need at least 3) and allows me to configure my records and DNS. I was thinking Network Solutions or Go Daddy.

2. I am currently with Hostway which is mediocre at best had two big issues with them within the week though the ISP package was going to allow me to set up more then one host but no, and my servers are configured properly its just on there end they keep publishing that my domain is still under construction unless some type in "" correctly on the browser anything else even on Google or other search engines gives me that error. I might have done something wrong but I am sure where you search for a site on a search engine it shows the correct or at least the domain host should have it pointed correctly to my IP. Thank you and any advice in advance is greatly appreciated,
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  1. Anyone? anyone? lol. I'll admit I'm a little desperate here.
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