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Comp is frezzing up the shuting off then after awhile it comes back on

Hello, ok so my girlfriend and me right now are in two different places and as is a long distance relationship is hard now her computer is freezing then shutting down then when she tries to turn it back on it tries the goes off again then after a lil bit it comes back on but freezes right away what can we do to fix it any one?
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  1. clear cmos and then load default settings
  2. thank you i will see if that works once again thank you
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    When does the computer freeze and shut down? If it's not doing it right away (just after you turn it on) it could be a temperature issue. The CPU will shut itself down to avoid damage from excessive heat.

    To monitor your temperatures you can download a program called "HWMonitor".

    If it's a laptop being used rather than a desktop, check none of the fans are being blocked by anything.
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