Bios stuck on "Loading Operating System"

Hey guys,

I recently got my hands on a Gigabyte H55M UD2H motherboard and I decided to replace it with my current motherboard. In my old system I had 2 hdd's:

1x IDE HDD for windows ( and also attached on that cable a cd-rom drive)
1x SATA HDD for files

So I attach it all on my new motherboard and Windows fails to start up. It hangs for 10 seconds on "Loading Operating System". Then it tries to boot from CD-ROM ( which I disabled in the bios, the HDD should be the only bootable thing ). I tried removing the SATA HDD, and it sure boots faster now but still getting the error.

Going into the BIOS I can confirm a few things:

- The IDE HDD sits on "IDE Channel 4 Master" and the CD-ROM on "IDE Channel 4 Slave". Why not just on channel 0 ? To my believes, the board has only 1 IDE connection on the MB.

- Hard Disk priority: 1. WDC WD1600JB-00GVGA0 ( my 160gb IDE disk ) 2. Bootable Add-in Cards (??)

- Quick boot is enabled

- Delay for HDD (Secs) = 3 ( doesnt seem to resolve anything)

- SATA AHCI Mode = IDE ( setting this to AHCI doesnt seem to do much )


I'm running out of ideas to fix this. I have no idea what's going on ^^ Any thoughts?
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  1. The motherboard I'm using is the Gigabyte H55M UD2H.
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