Computer Displays Wierd Lines and Won't Startup

Hey guys,

I recently downloaded a game and went to play it. When I went to go play the game I clicked to start the game and my computer ended up freezing. It was stuck on the same loading screen for a while with a constantly repeating sound as if the computer crashed so I turned off my computer by holding the power button. After a while, I turned my computer back on and the right side of my screen has weird lines of different colours going through it. Around 3 or 4 lines. And during startup, when it loads the mobo screens and other stuff there are letters on the side of the screen like F n2Z repeated. I tried googling these letters but nothing popped up. During when windows loads up, the lines mainly go away and Windows boots normally. But after the loading screen there is a lot of weird lines and colours on the screen in rectangles which i think are artifacts. Now my computer won't startup properly and there are wierd lines.

I tried safe mode and the computer booted but with the wierd lines on the screen again. I could use the computer though. I tried system restore but that did nothing. Now I don't know what the problem is. Should I format the computer or is my graphics card the problem? I don't understand how a crash like this could cause such a big problem. I have played many games on this computer before and the computer sometimes does crash but nothing ever happened to be this serious.

My Specs

Asus P5K Deluxe Mobo
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GFX card
Intel Quad Core Q6600 cpu

Please help if you can. It would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Looks like your GPU died!
  2. rolli59 said:
    Looks like your GPU died!

    Thanks for the reply rolli59.

    Why am I able to run the computer in safe mode though? Does it not use the graphics card then? And also what could be the cause of the card dying all of a sudden, could it be overheating?

    Once again thanks for replying.
  3. In safe mode you are locked into 2D and pretty much running the basics of the card. Heat is probably the number one killer of cards, their coolers have to be cleaned on regular basis otherwise they fill up with dust and lint that hinders cooling performance.
  4. Alright rolli59 thanks for the reply. Just curious, what graphics card should I get next? Ideally I want something cheap as it gets and something that can run Skyrim. If you can offer any info it would be appreciated. Thanks alot.
  5. If you have your Q6600 overclocked it can handle pretty much anything. Then there is PSU size that matters for how powerful a card you can run. I personally would look for something around HD6850 level
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