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hello, we were given an agencies old computer, hp compaq dc5000, and the only recovery disk we have is a windows xp professional, the problem is that when we have the disk in the drive and turn on the computer and from the first screen press F11 just like it says to theres a password setting that does not even allow us to type in any key what so ever accept the "enter" key and it looks like lil actual pictures of keys but other than that theres no way to pass this, is there a way to reboot this computer without taking the battery out or any other advice ive been researching all over the internet? please help with the simplest advice if possible?
please pay no mind to the sub-category i am only selecting one for the submit wants me too i do not know the subcategory
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  1. Usually the only way to reset a bios password is by removing the battery inside the computer, although on newer computers its almost impossible to remove the password even with the battery removed.
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