Remove drive-bay panels for better airflow

i have a aerocool cyborg X case and im wondering if removing the panels on the drive bays would let more air in.

the case has a vent which allows air to enter through the front of the case into where the drive bays are located.
P.S the image shows this at the right side where the blue arrows are.

would removing the front panel allow more air into the case?
(by front panel i meant the plastic that covers the drive bay that you remove when installing a DVD/blue-ray drive
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  1. Removing the front panels might improve the airflow, but, it'll make the air being sucked into the case warmer.
    You ought to try blowing air from the mouth when it's fully open and then with the lips closed wit a small vent between. It'll help you understand the nature or pressure , venting, and air temps.
    Though the difference is not that much, but in the PC world every degree seems to count.
    Ah!! I forgot to tell you, you need to put your hand in front of the mouth while trying out that test.
    High pressure to low pressure and low pressure to high pressure, see's a variation in temps....
  2. what the hell are you talking about?
    blowing air from the mouth?
  3. i dont know about drive bays, but i cut grills away from infront of the fans on my case, and that really helped,
  4. Yup, I am talking about blowing air out from the mouth.
    Those vents cause the narrowing of airflow into the case, that causes a pressure difference thereby leading to a change in the air temp itself.
  5. i ended up removing the drive bay panels and put a 120mm fan using zip ties.
    i was shocked to see the temps for the NB and my cpu lower by 3-5C
  6. More airflow over the board is bound to cool it further esp the NB since that is the part that usually gets pretty hot.....
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