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Silverstone ST85F PSU fan replacement?

Hi guys, I have a silverstone st85f psu and the fan has had it (constant loud clicking) so I want to replace it with one of these ( Size, airflow, rpm, db rating, voltage etc is all pretty much the same as the stock one, but it draws an extra .08 amps. Is this likely to cause me any problems? Thanks in advance.
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    Not exactly, actually it's going to run a little slower than the original fan, that's all. Since the power headers for the fan inside the PSU is going to supply current at the rate which was required by the original fan. It's not going to adversely effect the PSU just make sure that you don't stretch it to more than it's life-cycle, 'cos running the fan over many years under lower current is certainly going to reduce it's life , but, not by that much.
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