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Im looking to buy a new video card for my old pc its amd x4 635,i have a 600w pus and 6GB ddr3 my range is $150-$180,theres so many i dont know what card is the best at that price,some ppl say go with a Radeon HD 6850 and othere say gtx 460 but i dont know so if ya can help me out here.thx
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    you can easily get a radeon 6870 for that price. I would highly recommend this one Its got great ratings and if your willing to wait for the MIR its easily in your price range. Thatll get you the best performance for the money
  2. +1 for 6870
  3. I vote for a 6870 as well I have heard that many 460s die after long term use due to poor vrm cooling so if the OP is into modding then that could be an option, but personally with that budget I'd go with a 6870 or honestly stretch a few bucks more for a 1 gig 6950. What are your complete system specs including make and model of psu and monitors resolution?
  4. Where did you hear this about 460s dying? From what my experience and online reviews they run cool and quiet.

    The best price in the price range is the GTX 460 $150 + shipping. The HD 6870 is out of his price range if you don't count mail in rebates.

    If he's willing to go to $190 the GTX 560 is the best card he can get $170 after MIR. It overclocks better than the HD 6870 and nvidia drivers a bit better.
  5. thx for the help ya im going for the radeon 6870
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  7. Good, hope you enjoy it!
  8. I know this is a very old thread, but Nvidia just released their newest card that unveils the new Maxwell architecture. It is the GTX 750 (and ti). for around $150, you get 2GB of GDDR5 Ram in a card that is only as long as the length it takes to get from the PCI e x16 3.0 slot to the back of your computer, It also has a power consumption of 65W, which means no extra cords (for older computers) most 300W PSU's can even handle this card no problem.
    There are different models but I recommend The EVGA one. here is the Link
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