Worth overclocking Amd 955BE?

So i got a Radeon 6850 1gb gpu, so is it worth overclocking my cpu, like will it help gaming performance?
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  1. I don't think a 955BE will hamper the performance of a 6850. Leave it as is and see how your games perform.
  2. basically their is no need to overclock
    955 can handle 6850 efficiently , it can also handle two 6850.
    but their are some games that demands more cpu than gpu, then you should consider overclocking 955 (as it is a BE, made to be overclocked)
    use task manager to determine whether you need to overclock 955 or not
  3. I suggest you test both configurations.

    Test your rig and games with all at stock settings and see the results, after that, overclock the CPU (3.8GHz+ or above) and run game again to compare the results against the stock ones. Choose the one that gives you better performance.
  4. I am using 955be stock with 6870 games are perform more nice in my pc
  5. Ok, thanks for all the replys I'm just gonna overclock test to see if the fps increases in games.
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