Computer running but no display?

Today I changed my PSU from a £20 650watt PSU to a £45 Corsair 500watt PSU. I have plugged everything in correctly but i was abit worried about The p4 connector cable. My old pus had one of these but my new one doesnt, so i bought one but still there appears to be no imagie on my screen! All the lights are on and the fans on the CPU & GPU are running like normal the psu is obviously working as the PC wouldnt turn on at all?

Intel Quadcore Q6600 2.4GHz
GeForce 9600GT 512mb
x2 2GB RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate

I can hear is the fans on the cpu and gpu running i cant hear windows loading up in the background or anything else like that. im using dvi to hdmi iv checked both of these and plugged them back in securely!

my psu is a Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2UK Builder Series CX500V2 - 80 Plus Certified Power Supply

Thanks for any help
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  1. your psu most likely has 8pin eps connector in place of the p4 one you are talking about,
    this needs to be powering your cpu,
    you would need a 8pin eps to 4pin atx convertor.
    whats running you cpu at the moment ?
  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the help but iv got it running now the problem was that my ram wasnt in properly (FAIL). Can I just ask a question though? I'm new to all this pc stuff i wanted to play games on pc rather than console iv ordered an athlon ii x3 460 and n640gtx hawk will my 500w psu run both these without overheating and blowing my house up? LOL
  3. i assume you mean gtx460 quality 500w psu like then one you have is fine,
  4. if you still not sure this is address of a power supply calculator which will tell you exaclty what power your system needs
  5. no its a MSI N640GTC Hawk triple overclock edition or something
  6. its a n460gtx hawk triple over voltage,
    its a card deseigned for overclocking,
    it allows you to adjust three different voltages to improve your overclocks stability,
    n is for nvidia and they only go as high as 590 at the moment
  7. id recommend not getting the Athlon ii X3, no point upgrading your Q6600
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