[FIXED]Cannot boot Win8, nor win7 install...

Hello THW!

I have a problem with my 1h old laptop...
The Sony Vaio SVE171C11M

I tried win8 before on another machine to see what it's like...
Being a hardcore fan of win7 and nazi against apple, I noticed windows 8 is kinda conbining both togheter!

So... As a normal user, I would change the UEFI, get into BIOS and change the boot order to: External Device (in my case, my 16Gb Stick with Win7 install boot) then main HDD.

Rebooted the thing and... oh...
A Disk Error Occured
So, turn off, change USB port and... Again, tried all ports.

So ok, let's give it a try with win8, download that "Start" button, take away the annoying new metro UI and just, well, convert it back to windows 7 "alike"

But then I reboot and it gives me this dried out, "Operating System Not Found"

So, I get my uber tabing experience to spam the F9, F10, then F4, F2, DEL, ESC...
NOTHING is working anymore...

then I googled: Found this turkish website http://forum.80630.com/f10/t304252.html (But google translate doesn't work with slangs) so i figured a few options those people gave.
F1+F2+F3, Press ASSIST while powering on, and so on, but hellas...

I can't find the CMOS battery on it by looking in a fewl cover holes (HDD & RAM covers).

Please guys, please help me :)
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  1. Have you tried booting from Windows 8 installation media and doing a start-up repair?
  2. I would love to, but I don't have a recovery disk. I am searching on the Windows website for one, without results yet :(
  3. YESH!
    Ok, so I found out that you have to keep pressing the ASSIST button without the Power button.

    That was what they were saying in turkish on that forum that google translate could not translate.

    I got into the BIOS now, and will get the Boot Order back to normal.
    Thank you tho for trying to help!

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