Only games turn screen red where it should be black

comp was working perfect win7 ultimate dualcore 6400 athlon @3.2 Ghz 4 gig of DDR2 pc6400 OCZ msi mobo with 4 HDD total 2 TB memory and antec 850 watt PSU and 2x GTX 260 core 216 OC. north bridge fan was dying so I replaced it but the replacement makes a tight fit for the cards everything in windows works great running sli dual monitors work fine but when I try any game the screen that is sli or main monitor turns all red washed red where black should be and what not looks real weird but the game plays fine
if the fan made it so the card doesn't fit in the slot all the way would I still get a picture but not be able to game like not enough band width or womething bad connecton
what cords shold be fine all power is hooked up
temps are all at like 44c 50 highest gamming cnd that is after hrs so why now is my mobo fucked cards not in all the way or the monitors not hooked right all the way to the back
reinstall nvidia drivers maybe change bios. had to take apart everything to change fanif a card is broken I doubt everything wlse would look and word so good
even blue ray 1080p stuff works in media player and vlc
HELP HELP HELP, cause I barly had the 10 bucks for the damn NB fan
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  1. if the card doesnt fit in the slot all the way, that is probably ur issue, the signal probably cant get through properly. or it could be an overheating issue

    download HW Monitor: and check the GPU temps while gaming
  2. I use evga precision for my 2 evga gtx 260's top card is 39 cel for all 2d, and 55 cel highest after like 8 hrs of crysis 1 2 or 3, and my cpu temp never gets above 42 cel on either core and that is under heavy load idle or internet or 2d or even HD movies the cpu usually stays at 32-35 cel
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