Upgrading video card. Have a couple of basic questions. Help?

My comp is old. I do not remember the date, but it rocked a 32bit version of windows vista. I think 2008 some time. Regardless.

I had a video card I switched over from my other desktop which totally fried. It would not start up.
Ironically that was the same issue I had with the comp before it. Literally restarted (clearly had a virus) and it just went to windows loading screen and didn't start.

I probably could have fixed those problems if I had them now but anyway. Haven't had that issue since.

Just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Back to the video card.

I had to get a new power supply to power it, so this computer has two things that are not factory. Video card and a power supply.

Specs - Forgive me, I do not know what is appropriate so I will list what looks important on "CPU-Z".

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
AMP Phenom X4 9100e
Max TDP 67W
Package - Socket AM2+ (940)
Technology 65nms
Core voltage ~ 1.104V
AMD Phenom 9100e Quad-Core Processor
Family - F
Ext Family 10
Model 2
Ext Model 2
Stepping 2
Revision DR-B2
Core Speed - 1800
Multiplier X9
Bus Speed 200
HT Link 1000
Cores 4
Threads 4

Let me know if this is important

Gateway RS780
Chipset AMD 780G
Southbridge AMD SB700
(May 5th 2008) - Is that they day I bought it?
Version 7B3P081G

Graphic Interface
Version PCI-Express
Link Width X16
Max. Supported X16
"Side Band" - Empty/Null/Void/NO EXISTENT

Dual channels
Ganged DC Mode
NB Frequency 1600 MHz
DRAM Frequency 333.3 MHz
5.0 clocks (CL, tRCD,tRP)
15 clocks (tRAS)
21 clocks (tRC)

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Revision A2
Technology 65nm
Core 625 MHz
Shaders 1566 MHz
Memory 900 MHz
Size 512 MBytes
Bus Width 256

Graphics (more specific from the actual video card because apparently there are a bunch of "8800 GT" and size and power supply are a worry for me.
By the way, my video card currently barely fits into my box. Length wise, much bigger (1inch max) than the card I have now and I wont be able to fit it.
Card - BFG Overclocked NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT; Exact code is BFGE88512GTOCE
This one

I need to upgrade my computer in its entirety but I don't want to spend that kind of money just yet. I am hoping to get by with a video card upgrade and a memory upgrade to 6GB and just take those upgrades and move them to the next comp I buy.

Regarding the video card upgrade.
I had major headaches because of the power supply and size of the video card.
I am also worried about this "PCI-E 2.0". I do not think my motherboard is PCI-E 2.0, even through sources online say my video card is a PCI-E 2.0.
Is that a major issue if my motherboard is no ta PCI-E 2.0? I read they are backwards compatible in that a PCI-E 1 can fit a PCI-E 2 but just bottlenecked.

That makes me wonder if I need to look for a PCI-E 2.0 or a 1.0 video card.

I am looking to spend no more than 250 dollars in the next month for a video card.

My current power supply is a Delta Electronics DPS300PB-3A.
300 Watt Max
Connectors :
1 - ATX 24-pin for Motherboard
1 - 4-pin for CPU
1 - 6-pin for PCI Express Video Card
1 - Floppy
2 - Molex
3 - SATA
Other numbers are
(2x 12V/18A, 5V/22A, 3.3V/17A, 5V/2A)

Not sure what those mean.

I am begining to think I never switched my purchased power supply to this computer as this thing looks like it is factory for gateway comps.

Regardless those are the specs.

Is it possible for me to get a significantly upgraded video card with this out of date (Motherboard, Powersupply and box).

I was looking though some of these videocards on new egg and it seems my powers supply will not be able to handle any of them. Like this one
which claims I need 500 Watt minimum and 2 6pin connectors.


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  1. Links don't work, so we have no idea what you have.
  2. No. The 8800GT/9800GT is about the best you can do with that computer. I would suggest sticking to your current video card and saving money for your future PC.

    I would probably get Windows 7 64Bit. It will make your computer much faster in daily tasks and is much better operating system. You can them remove the hard drive and put it into your next homebuilt system or your new prebuilt will come with Windows 7 already installed.
  3. That processor will bottleneck better graphics cards; it may be bottlenecking this one already.
  4. I removed the broken spoilers.

    I am beginning to feel there is nothing I can do to upgrade this thing without a complete upgrade. Mother Board, Power Supply (bigger case), Memory and Video Card.

    My harddrive is only a 500 gig.

    Current the PC is slow. I am not sure why. I think something is screwed. I have ran a lot of tests. Memory test and stuff like it and nothing comes back broken.

    My harddrive has been filled to 500 gigs several times. Usually I just delete enough to allow new content. I have formatted 2 or 3 times.

    I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I have that now.

    Issue now is games are choppy. APB Reloaded keeps dropping below 17 FPS. Heavy load programs are stalling constantly. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash (all CS5) are constantly hanging.

    I think I can scrounge together the money to purchase the parts individually and build my own PC over the next month.

    I would have to set a budget of 1000 $.

    I have never built a comp from scratch before but I have replaced parts, upgraded and fooled around with every piece in the computer except the mother board itself. Those have always been fixed and unchanged by me. I tried to fix my CPU when it kept over heating and blue screening me 5+ years ago,

    I am a heavy tab user in firefox. I have actually switched to my laptop for doing things with tabs. For some reason it responds faster with fewer hangs than my desktop. I am considering trying out my adobe flash on my laptop to see if I get the same result. Laptop with shared video memory cant handle the games like the PC does, even though the PC is trash with new games. Everything is being ran at bare minimum on my desktop.

    I think best bet is to just use this machine and build a new desktop over the next month. Budget of 1000 dollars good?

    The only game I am looking forward to that is coming out is SWTOR. Maybe the new battlefield game. I don't usually play games anymore on the PC, but the hanging is killing me on this desktop.

    Further suggestions?

    Developing a pc that can handle a heavy multi process user (literally 20-30 firefox tabs, 2000 facebook image tabs loaded at a single time), adobe flash, dreamweaver, photoshop. But also be able to deal with games like SWTOR and BF3 (when it is released) without having to be forced to play at minimum settings. I don't mind settling on medium or somewhere between medium and high if it is possible, but I am tired of setting all settings to minimum the second I load a game.

    I feel I am getting out of my gaming stage and SWTOR and BF3 will likely be the last games I really look forward to for a PC, but I need the processing to be much better than what I have now.

    Do you think it can be done for 1000$ or less?

    Also, what do you think is causing these hangs in programs. Literally starting immediately after a format and fresh windows install. Is my harddrive fucked and causing the delay? Process just not hanging with the increase in technology. I don't remember it being this slow before. Too little memory? (I ran a memory test (memtest86 or w/e it's called) and it came back no problems).

    About the building a new PC. I looked through Newegg, but it is so massive. Can you give me any direction on where to start? Like, should I focus on a i7 motherboard / processor or settle for a i5 (or lower?). I am on a small budget so =(.
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