HD 6850 :- No complete boot when hdmi plugged in

I have AMD Radeon HD 6850 and using only hdmi-hdmi cable.

With hdmi attached and pc turned on, the hdtv shows no signal but the power LED is on for 10-15 seconds then goes off for about 2 seconds and then restarts and follws the same.

With no hdmi attached and pc turned on, after waiting to boot completely and then re-plugging hdmi i am able to get signal. I directly saw dektop screen on my hdtv. Then pc works fine with no problem.

Even if i restart it from desktop it works fine until shutdown but no signal and power led blinking after that.

I also updated CCC but during installation tv went to no signal. I finally had to turn off main supply. After struggling on pc to turn on, i saw CCC was updated.

Also i am not able to enter the bios.

Please help to solve this problem.

I dont want this struggle any more.

Thanx in ADVANCE
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  1. 1) => Yes.......with hdmi i couldn't enter bios while dvi to vga works fine and can enter in bios also.

    I think bios does not detect the tv and sends no signal.
    But in windows CCC detects the tv and sends the signal.

    2) => My LG 32PC5RV doesn't have dvi input, only vga and hdmi.

    3) => I have only one such tv with hdmi input.

    I want to use hdmi for better video quality than vga.

    Please HELP !!!!
  2. 1)=> My mobo does not have embedded graphic card.

    2)=> I think it is not problem of tv. Anyways, I will try that also.

    3)=> OK, I will try that. It might fix the problem.

    Thanks for the help !!!
  3. I came to know that my LG 32PC5RV does not support DVI-PC. It only supports RGB-PC. (From User's Manual)

    But via hdmi, it plays good video with 720p.

    Is there a way so that it support hdmi-pc (or dvi-pc) fully ?
  4. Is there any way that:

    1) Start PC without bios


    2) Stop bios detecting the display settings

    When i simultaneously connect vga + hdmi, there is also the same problem.

    But by removing hdmi i came to know that bios says "There was posting problem press Y to enter setup or N to start with previos settings "

    This can solve my problem, please help !!
  5. Solved:

    I added a switch in the hdmi cable, so no plug/replug require :)
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