How can i tell if a motherboard is posting without a video card

i found an old computer i had in my garage and i was thinking of using as a htpc sorta thing but because i dont have a video card and it doesnt have onboard video i dont know whether it is working or not. when i connect the psu and boot it the cpu fan runs and i can tell its running but i dont know if its posting. specs below

cpu: amd athlon 64 x2
mobo: gigabyte ga-ma770-ds3
ram: g-skill 1x2gb ddr2 800
power suppy: some generic 300w
cpu cooler: thermaltake something
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  1. you are asking the impossible, There's no way to know without a display of some sort.
  2. ohk, looks like im just gonna buy a cheap graphics card and find out
  3. If it has integrated graphics then the motherboard should have some sort of video connector and if it doesn't then it would not have such a connector.
  4. If it has a speaker listen for a single beep that it passed POST.
  5. it posted (after about 20 mins of niggling with stuff). turns out the gpu i found wasn't in properly, im smart. but after booting past bios and getting to a windows screen it locked up and hasn't booted again :/. the one thing i noticed was the fact that the thing that covers the north bridge was fairly hot and a little loose. dont know it this is normal.
    It obviously has a video it not working? I could not understand why you want a video card?
  7. i have rev 1.0 and mines like bent and ***. (dont ask me how you do that :D )
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