Odd problem, veteran's please provide input.

The motherboard is a MSI K9N6SGM-V, socket AM2 I believe.

This is by far the weirdest issue I've seen, When I connect the 24 pin motherboard power but not the 4-pin cpu power connector, the fans spin (which makes sense, as the 24 pin powers the mobo)(obviously I wouldn't get a post). When I have both 24 pin and 4 pin power connectors connected nothing, the fan in the power supply moves maybe a mm to a cm, but that's it.

I've replaced the PSU, they had a 400 watt solytech (I know...but I guess they didn't know about PSU's) with a known working brand new PSU a 450 watt CM, and I get the same odd results.

I've been putting PC's together and troubleshooting them for years, and have never seen something so odd. I have read countless posts on many other forums including this one, and read the motherboard manual from front to back, trying to find anything but no luck.

This is the absolute bare essentials needed to get a post and nothing, I have tried the on-baord video and an add-on card same exact results. oh and btw it is not a new build rather one day my co-worker noticed his machine was acting weird, we thought it was a bad PSU but apparently replacing hte PSU hasn't fixed it.

I am inclined to think that the motherboard is bad, possibly the CPU, but the thing is I cannot test the cpu on it's on. The ram is fine.

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that the old PSU he had in their was switched to 220, which I know the US uses 115, so I changed that back, attempting to turn on a PC with the 220 setting could do irrepairable damage to the motherboard/CPU? Perhaps others components as well.
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  1. bad motherboard -- its MSI what do you expect

    replace the mothetboard or the whole system whichever you see fit
  2. Well the motherboard is about 4-5 years old, and MSI or not, most vlaue based boards tend to have somewhat limited expected lifetimes. I've had plenty of MSI motherboards (mainly higher end that lasted much longer than my co-worker's). I appreciate the input apache, as always, it's just that I was hoping for a bit of insight into this particular problem.

    I've figured that the motherboard is probably bad, but it's such an odd issue you know, that's what I'm stuck on. If anybody knows something specific that is related to this, please do chime in.
  3. You know I noticed something today, and that the CPU used in the mohterboard was ADX6000IAA6CZ, and interesting note because I was thinking it's a Windsor/possibly brisbane core. Looked it up and low and behold it is the windsor core and that it's TDP is rated at 125W. I thought to myself that's a mighty high TDP considering the usage of such a skimpy VRM board. Found out here that only the ADA6000IAA6CZ (89W) variation is ok to use. Since I haven't seen this kind of issue in a very long time, can using a cpu w/ a high TDP of 125w in this paritularly value based motherboard MSI K9N6SGM-V where as the highest rated TDP is 89w cause such an odd problem?

    The short answer I'm sure of is yes, but the long answer would be much appreciated if someone could shed some light as to why this combination could work for a lengthy period of time and now show problems? I'd assume that it could be the case that it could barely handle it, and overtime the aging of the solid state chokes started to give way and eventually caused system stability issues which led to the problem as pointed out in the first post?

    All thought regarding the matter would be greatly appreciated as I try to gather as much information regarding the issue as a personal reference point for myself. Thanks.
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